Elips 1.5 overview

Login page

When coming to Elips, you arrive to the login page.

The issue list page

Once the login/password validated, the issue list is displayed.

Filter on issue list

Many predefined filters are available. You also can add yours by selecting the Filter : modify link.

Sorting facility

Like the filter facility, the user can define his own sortings and store them.

Exporting in Excel

You can want exporting the issue list in an Excel file.


It is possible to print out all issues displayed on the screen.

Detail issue

By selecting an issue in the issue list, you open a detailed view of the issue.

Detail issue (2)

According the kinf of issue and the state in the automata in which the issue is, the tool propose you a small amount of actions to perform.

Your account

You can edit/visualize all your account data in the Account page.


The statistics page offers you many statistics about the issues and their state.


Administration pages

There are three kind of administration pages : company, application, and projects.

Company administration

Application administration


Projects adminstration

The projects administration page enables the administrators to define projects.

Tool installation login page

To configure the tool, you need to authentify tourself.

Tool installation page

The installation page enables the user to enter some configuration parameters to customize the tool.