The main domain classes are situated into the org.gyx.elips.domain package.

The Issue class represents a request in the Elips terminology.

There is no inheritance for the issues. There exists only one class. The type property defined its type.

Access to the database

The object org.gyx.sql.SqlAccess is used in Elips for every access to the database. It enables to do some  SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and SELECT COUNT(). The requests are displayed on the System.out.
This object is the obly one to use the class com.gyx.sql.SqlConnectionProvider.
SqlConnectionProvider provides a generic SQL. It doesn’t manage a connexion pool. This is not necessary because of the low amount of connected people at the same time in this kind of application.

Sample of using this object:

    ResultSet theRS = theSqlAccess.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM issue");

'theSqlAccess' is available in many classes and in all the JSP pages.

Object org.gyx.elips.technical.Repository

This class is used fo:

Object org.gyx.Elips.technical.ApplicationSession

This class is used to store data specific to a user connection. It avoids to store every data in the HttpSession object.

Building a  JSP page

Usuallly JSP pages have the following includes :

   <%@ include file="/Jsp_Commun/Import.jsp"%>

--> all the  imports

   <%@ include file="/Jsp_Commun/CheckSession.jsp"%>

--> check is the current session is valid

   <%@ include file="/Jsp_Commun/VariablesSession.jsp"%>

--> get a certain  number of data for the current session

   <%@ include file="/Jsp_Commun/Header.jsp"%>

--> header

   <%@ include file="/Jsp_Commun/Menu.jsp"%>

--> Page menu